Pokèmon pack from Japan **
Me and Greninja

Soooo, this morning finally arrived
the "must have" of the pokèmon doll's collector :D
Here HE comes..Collapse )

As you can see the little Gengar is my mascotte :D

My Pokemon collection in 2 pics!
Me and Greninja

First post in my journal :)

Since I love pokèmon, i must show you some pokèmon merchandise I got :)

As you can see that I really love Gengar.. because.. because.. mm..
I don't really know why I love Gengar, but I think, that it's absolutely the best Pokemon :D
Come on, Gengar is Gengar <3

Obviously, I pre ordered the Mega Gengar shiny plush! **

My collection, at the moment, is in a small closet.
But in a short time, I can put them in a place where I (and maybe you) can enjoy the best :)


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